Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More on the Al Dura Hoax

Power Line - Al Dura Hoax Exposed?

The Al Dura Hoax is also known as a blood libel. In this case the boy in the photograph who is with his father was supposed to have been killed. The video footage that I have seen to date indicates that the boy and man were not in fact in any danger, that the Israelis could not possibly have hit that particular spot, and now it turns out that there is really no evidence that the boy actually died.

When the actual incident occurred the new footage was seen all around the world, and this alleged killing of a young boy became the cause for the Intifada against Israel. It has also been the reason why a lot of people around the world literally turned their backs on Israel. However, the whole thing has been a fraud - a hoax.  It was set up by the Palestinian factions who wanted to get even with the Israelis and provide what is known as blood libel.

A few years ago, I followed a case in the French courts regarding the exposure of this blood libel via the case of Phillipe Karsenty. The original verdict had gone against Karsenty, that is the verdict had stated that there was no hoax or fraud, but the French appellate court overturned that verdict in May 2008, and France 2 was ordered to release raw video footage of the incident.

On March 4 German public TV ARD have broadcast a documentary that confirms that the news report submitted by Charles Enderlin and broadcast by France 2 on September 30, 2000, is a fraud.

The evidence provided in the documentary is:

  • via biometric analysis of the faces it has been proven that the boy who was filmed by France 2 was not the boy presented at the Gaza morgue. The eyebrows and lips are different.

  •  using lip-reading technique the German TV read the father's lips. They discovered that Jamal al Dura gave instructions to the people who were behind France 2's cameraman during the filming of the scene.

  • the boy whose funeral took place, as though it was Mohammed al Dura arrived at the hospital before 10.00 am, whereas the France 2 news report was filmed after 2.30 pm.
The deception of the al Dura hoax has caused irremediable damage to Israel. This is the problem with blood libel. It goes to show the depths to which the Palestinians will sink in order to lay false charges against Israel.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Recruiter of female suicide bombers

She is known as the “Mother of Believers” but this woman is extremely deadly in her actions. Samira Jassim was captured by the Iraqi forces and faced interrogation over her activities in recruiting female suicide bombers.

The women, after being raped, were convinced by this woman that they should blow themselves up to hide their shame. She worked with the Sunni militant group Ansar al-Sunnah in the Diyala province.

She had recruited up to 80 women to carry out their deadly task. The reason that this tactic was introduced is that it is haram for a man to conduct a body search of a woman, plus the ugly clothing that is worn makes it easy to hide a bomb underneath the garment.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What happens if there is "Not in my backyard syndrome" for Gitmo detainees

A Saudi national released from U.S. detention centre at Guantanomo Bay, Cuba in September 2007 has retruned to previous activities and is believed to be a key leader of Al Qaeda operations in Yemen. What does that say about a foolhardy decision - foolhardy from the point of view that it has been orderd too quickly without thinking about the consequences of the new mealy-mouthed president of the United States?

Mr "smooth" Obama who is so careful about what he says, disguising his real agenda at the same time, has made a decision without thinking through all of the consequences. Surely he could have waited until he had done everything possible to ensure that these detainees, who are not political prisoners, but who have been actively engaged in an act of war, are located to some other secure location.

Ali al-Shiri is a Saudi national, and he was released from Guantanamo for rehabilitation in Saudi Arabia. That did not last long, because he escaped and returned to Yemen where he has continued with his illegal terrorist activity.

One of the major problems that has to be confronted right now is the "not in my backyard syndrome." From an Australian point of view I agree, we do not want this scum in our country. It is bad enough having David Hicks return to this country, and ditto Mahmoudo Habib. Both are traitors to Australia. They are not heroes. They should not be given a free ride by allowing them access to sue anybody for their detention. Hicks was discovered in Afghanistan, working with the Taliban. Habib was with similar types in Pakistan.

These detainees do not merit special attention since they have murdereous intent against westerners.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

More on the Israeli strike on Syria

I have reported on this issue a few times and here is some further information from the Counterterrorism blog on why Israel felt that it was necessary to strike the nuclear facility inside the Syrian border:

Interestingly, while North Korea has been mentioned many times, the role of Iran has not been scrutinized.
I just wrote a piece for the Middle East Times on that topic.
Here is an excerpt:
Israel has been providing intelligence and satellite images to the U.S. about a secret Syrian nuclear program for several months, according to media reports. Discussions between Israel and the United States took place last summer regarding a possible strike. But when Israel found the matter so pressing that when they realized the U.S. was not ready to act, on September 6 they attacked a Syrian nuclear site. Hence the question: what is Syria really up to or more to the point what is Iran up to?

First, let's start with an underreported explosion that occurred in a Syrian military base outside Aleppo on July 26. Jane's Defense Weekly reported, citing Syrian defense sources, as saying the explosion took place during a test to fit a "Scud C" missile with a mustard-gas warhead. It quoted the sources as saying the explosion occurred when fuel caught fire in the missile production laboratory.

But there might be another explanation. Kuwait's Al Seyassah newspaper recently reported that a Shiite Lebanese religious cleric claimed the Iranians were allegedly supervising a chemical weapons manufacturing program and that tens of Iranian experts and engineers died as a result of that explosion. He also said Israelis attacked the base. He added that Western officials told him they received proof from Israel on the Syrian chemical weapons program. Even if Israel's involvement is not proven, what remains sure is that it must be very happy that a chemical weapons facility in Syria has been partly destroyed.

You can read the story here

Israel responds to constant mortar attacks from inside of Gaza


An Israeli air strike on Wednesday has successfully hit an Hamas controlled post where rockets are being constantly fired into Israeli territory.

Despite the bleating about the alleged "oppression" of Palestinians, there is in fact very little evidence to prove the complaints. Instead, the Hamas controlled Palestinians have been constantly firing their rockets at the town of Sderot, and threaten the lives of at least 300,000 citizens at intervals of every 3 hours.

If Hamas refuses to be a part of the present peace process, then there is little chance of any resolution to the conflicts, because the aims of Hamas happen to be that they should be the ones who control the whole region. As a result Israel's existence remains threatened, first by the existence of Hamas, and secondly by the backers of Hamas, Syria and Iran.

GAZA CITY (CNN) -- An Israeli airstrike Wednesday hit a Hamas post in southern Gaza, killing two Hamas security men in Khan Yunis, according to Hamas sources.

Hamas members in Gaza City watch TV coverage of the Mideast summit on Tuesday.

The Israeli army said the airstrike -- the third in Gaza this week -- was in response to the firing of mortars into Israel.

According to the Israeli military, 11 mortars and Qassam rockets were fired into Israel on Wednesday.

Reacting to incessant rocket attacks from Gaza, Israel's government labeled the Hamas-controlled region a "hostile territory" in September, setting in motion a wide-ranging crackdown that includes military operations and limiting Gaza's power supply.

Gaza militants fire rockets into Israel every three hours, on average, according to the Israeli military.

Speaking at the Mideast peace summit in Annapolis, Maryland, on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said "the continued shooting of Qassam rockets against tens of thousands of residents in the south of Israel, particularly in the city of Sderot, serves as a warning sign -- one which cannot be overlooked."

He said the ongoing attacks are a hurdle to achieving peace with the Palestinians and are the result of "the absence of governmental institutes and effective law enforcement mechanisms" in Hamas-ruled Gaza.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Can Israel exist if Lebanon falls to Hezbollah?

The situation in Lebanon has begun to reach melting point whilst the UN and everyone else just looks on and smiles, going about their business, as if Hezbollah has a legitimate right to rule.

Israel's situation is all the more precarious because of the way in which Syria has been working in the background. It is a known fact that the Shia led Hezbollah has backing and funding from both Syria and Iran. It is also well known that there have been a number of political assassinations of leaders who are opposed to Syria, and that these assassinations have caused a real problem for the slim majority of the outgoing President.

In other words, by assassinating these particular politicians, Syria was hoping to give Hezbollah the foothold it needs to wrest control of Lebanon.

If Syria gains control over Lebanon again, then the situation for Israel is even more precarious.  Israel has been out of favour because of the invasion of Lebanon last year, even though this invasion was the end result of the provocation from actions by Hezbollah and allies against Israel.

The left wing leaders in Europe have turned their backs on Israel, and instead of doing everything possible to bring about a just settlement to the crisis, countries such as Finland, and Sweden have been backing the terrorists!! The U.N. is also guilty of not taking a neutral stance and its agencies are guilty of issuing biased reports that are based upon a warped interpretation of events (including the faked bombing of the Red Cross Ambulances and the Qana incident that was not properly investigated.)

(As an aside, it should be remembered that Antiochus, was a king of Syria and he was responsible for the persecution of the Jews during the period of the Maccabees)

This is one very ugly bride and terror suspect

In Baghdad, soldiers at a checkpoint stopped what looked like a wedding convoy. The soldiers became suspicious because all of the convoy except the "bride" were male. The suspicions were confirmed when it was discovered that the bride was not a woman but a man dressed up as the bride.


You have to agree with me, but that is just one very ugly "bride"!!

Both "bride" and groom were wanted by the authorities in relation to terrorist activities.